Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day

I live with a soldier. He doesn't wear war on his face, but it's there with him. It's in his silence, the normal conversation civilians have discussing the news. I woke up today,dreaming of Eric, my friend who died in Iraq.I missed his funeral. My friend Allison was an Arabic linguist. I have war all around, but remember my dad telling me about Vietnam,about his entire fraternity enlisting,drunk. His friends died in an unpopular war. Then-I remember him telling me I was lucky,our generation had had nothing happen,nothing to challenge us, nothing to make us aware. Then,the WTC happened. Then, Iraq. Then the Recession. I go to Hunter,I go to a school where every student has fought for an education. I deal with teachers who believe students are entitled. I don't see that. I see resilience,and hunger. My life changed when I was 26. I will never take anything I have for granted ever again. People die for the right to learn, the right to be free, the right to pursue happiness. I think of that every time I walk into my school now.