Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sundays.....

Today is Easter.And I am not going to church, I am not spending it with my family, I am going to spend it drinking coffee and down by the water. I live in Downtown Jersey City. and that means "the water" is the Hudson where I can see the NYC skyline. And every time I see it, I am amazed. It's my little jewel box, my land of dreams. Because my recovery is rough, it's very funny to realize that in some ways, my life SURPASSED what I thought it could be. I really thought there was no way to integrate being creative with what I saw as a normal life-but now in my age old wisdom, I realize that there is no real normal. People struggle, and while we may not realize what their cross to bear is, know they have one. I look like Everywoman, and I try really hard to do that. I try to live my life with grace. Do I succeed? Not always. But the struggle is where the gold lies for wisdom. I remember that and need to use it to move forward. I look at the last year, and I have made so much progress. I just wish it were faster! But that is part of what I needed to learn, right?

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