Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fearless is a state of mind

In order to be an actor, you need to be fearless. Emotionally fearless. You need to be so open to people and available to other people's lives and emotions and experiences that you can feel almost psychic. It is a humbling experience. I walk around feeling like a raw nerve myself, and yet I know I need the resilience to pick myself up and try again. And I have to say-this week is a good, good week. I had lunch with my friend Mia-and we were talking about our respective careers. And she was generous enough to say "what do you need?" I have learned that the people who are our angels are not necessarily the ones we expect to be our angels, they are not necessarily the people we expect to care. And on the flip side, some of the people we wish and hope with all our heart just are not the ones that are all they should be. I am an actor with a head injury, and I know I can lead a really good life-and I feel blessed. I remember my friends at Kessler and for some reason they drive me. Because I have their chance. The chance they don't get to have a beautiful life. I am not going to squander my beautiful, creative rich life I was forced to put on hold. So there. I left Nico, but I am talking to another coach. We'll see.

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