Friday, September 3, 2010

The beautiful twins in the neighborhood.....

In my neighborhood,there is a set of twins. Little girls who are utterly precious and are always at Beechwood. I love them. They are about eighteen months old. The other day I was watching them, and waiting for Meg to meet me. Meg is my twin sister, and , yes, we're roommates. Or "wombmates", as we jokingly call each other. On the one the one hand, both of us find it slightly ridiculous and a little embarrassing to be living with each other at our age, and on the other....we just have this bond. I look at these twins. And I remembered that my mom had had to order a special carriage from London that was built so we could face each other, because we always had to either face each other or touch each other or we would be inconsolable. I love my twin.

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