Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What happened to me

They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. I don't know about that, being alive, and all-but... I will say this. When I was hit by the car, right before it struck me, I heard a voice say "up". And I jumped. As the car made impact-I saw flashes of what I hadn't done yet. I was holding a very small baby, a girl. I was taking a bow on a big stage-bigger than any I had ever performed on. I kept flashing on everything I wanted and hadn't done. I never say anything to anyone, for fear of seeming crazy.But it feels like I am meant for more. Seven years later, I still haven't done those things-although I have since performed on stage and held babies. I just keep going because I feel not done yet. It reminds me of all the WTC policemen who kept in touch with me. We wouldn't talk for months, and then out of the blue, I'd get a call from the guys. We would talk a little, but mainly we told each other what we still had left to do. Tattoos were popular. Broadway was my thing. It felt good to talk about the future. I have since lost track of everyone.I will remember them forever.


  1. What sets you apart from someone who is just a dreamer is that you "just keep going". Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you so much.I am happy you commented, and now don't feel like I am writing in the air. Although this-as you can probably tell-is my little diary of sorts. J